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Cultural Excursion to the Lama Temple

Cultural excursion to Lama Temple: Learning Chinese through traditional Chinese Culture
Lotus organizes cultural excursions for foreign students to learn about the Chinese culture. Free cultural excursions to the famous site of the Lama Temple (Yong He Gong) are available for students during every session of our Chinese language programs. During the excursion, Beijing Staff will introduce traditional Chinese culture as well as the history of Buddhism and how it has influenced Chinese language and culture.

Why do Chinese say "embrace Buddha's feet?" - Where does the idiom come from and what does it mean?
Students will have an interesting experience learning the Chinese language: the idioms, sayings, etc. through traditional Chinese culture. They will also receive a nice gifts from our on-site staff.
Students were very curious about Tibetan prayer wheel. The mantra of Avalokitesvara is carved on the outside the wheel, and on the inside the wheel has printed sutra papers. Each turn of the wheel generates as much merit as the reading of the sutra enclosed within the wheel.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It is very common to see local people burning incense and bowing to Buddha's statue. Chinese Buddhists believe burning incense is a way of communication with Buddha. Here, US high school Students Jillian and Lily burning incense to pray world peace.
Moved by the sacred and peaceful atmosphere of Lama temple, US students Carissa and Katrina hold their palms together to wish good-will.
After visiting, students were invited to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch buffet of various foods. This was a great chance for them to learn about Chinese vegetarian food.

student's reflection on the cultural excursion:

“The first weekend of my stay coincided with a Lotus excursion to the Beijing Lama Temple. Lisa Sheng and her staff ran an excellent tour. As a guide Lisa not only explained to us the significance of what was there, but also illustrated how the practice of Buddhism has influenced Chinese language and culture. In a short visit such as it was, I learnt a great deal. And something I couldn't but notice was the character and motivation of fellow Lotus students. I thought it reflected well on Lotus.”
-- Thomas S., from Australia

“The Lotus organized excursion to the Lama Temple with a vegetarian lunch afterwards was one of the many highlights of my time in Beijing. Lotus staff acted as our personal tour guides providing interesting information about the temple's history and Buddhism's history in China. The staff went above and beyond by making the tour fun with games and prizes. The restaurant we ate lunch at was also excellent!”
-- Emily Ow from Toronto, Canada

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