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-  Itinerary of Master Lin's Visit in San Francisco Bay area

-  Background of Master Lin, Hsien-Tsung and his Accompanists

-  San Francisco bay area (Silicon Valley) map

To be interviewed by World Journal reporter-世界日報記者採訪
World Journal 世界日報
231 Adrian Road., Millbrae, CA 94030
9:30-12 am
Enjoy Prosperous Life with an Enriched Mind-心靈富足-生命自然豐盛
World Journal Center 世界日報活動中心
231 Adrian Road, Millbrae, CA 94030
9-12 am
Hidden Mental Causes of Physical Illness-隱藏在心靈的疾病因子
University of Herbal Medicine 美國中醫藥大學
1625 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002 (2nd floor)
7-9 pm
The Key to Harmonious Marriage & Parenthood-和諧婚姻與親子關係之鑰
Genius Center天才廣場
1606 S. De Anza Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95129
7-9 pm
Genetic Mind Transformation in Business-企業心靈基因改造
Nine Star University of Health Sciences河洛醫科大學
441 De Guigne Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (Science Center)
7-9 pm
Comfort the Dying to Unburden the Living & Dead-臨終關懷-生死兩相安
Vineyard Hills ClubHouse 葡萄園丘俱樂部
44831 Trout Court, Fremont, CA 94539

Background of Master Lin, Hsien-Tsung and his Accompanists


Master Lin, Hsien-Tsung林顯宗老師

For many years, Master Lin Hsien-Tsung searched for a key to unlock the shackles of the mind. He traveled all over the world to find a method or technique that could solve Mankind's problems and release potential. The quest for such a key took teacher Lin to Australia and the United States, where he studied Western science and processes of the mind, but he still could not find an effective way to break through. He also read extensively, from psychology, philosophy science, quantum physics, and mind sciences, to classics of various religious sects and factions. Finally, he saw a light after studying Buddhism for decades. From concepts of the Consciousness-Only school, he developed the technique that can completely remove deep obstacles in the human mind - "Consciousness-Only Deep Communication". So far, he has completed nearly ten-thousand successful cases, helping others to improve their lives, and revealing the mysteries of human life.




Charity Work公益活動 ─
- 921 Great Earthquake in Taiwan, 1999 -- over 19 months doing relief work.
- 521 Great Earthquake in Sichuan, China, 2008 – over 3 months doing rescue and relief work.
- 88 Flood, Taiwan, 2009 – rescue and relief work, continued for at least one year

Present Positions 現任 ─
- Creator / "Consciousness-Only Deep Communication" Technique
- Full-Time Lecturer / Jing Guan Spirit-Mind-Science Research Institution
- Executive Director / Taichung Correct-awakening Buddhist Young Men's Association

Previous Positions 歷任 ─
- Director-General / Chinese Jing Guan Spirit-Mind Research Association
- Executive Officer / Chielie Lifetime Care Social Welfare Foundation
- Director / Buddhist College Educational Foundation
- Executive Director / Chielie Lifetime Care Social Welfare Foundation
- Director / Kaohsiung Hsitzuwan Junior Chamber of Commerce
- Chairman / Taiwan Lingyanshan Lotus Dharmapāla Association
- General Manager / Lotus Enlightenment Stock Limited Corporation



1. Communication with Mind《與靈溝通》

The book's inspiring cases descriptions, and the Author's personal experiences and insights, will awaken a new understanding about the body, mind, and soul. It will help a person take a fresh look at the meaning of life, overturn their traditional mode of thought, recognize the nature of the mind and reality of the soul, and make a new beginning from their hearts!

2. Listen to the Voice of a Little Soul《傾聽小心靈的心聲》

This book explores children's minds. The wonderful text and examples guide the reader into a child's world, and listens to the voice deep inside their minds, because this was once the same message sent out by one's own heart. The only way for children to be freed is when parents are spiritually awakened and transformed.

3. Amaquarius《水悅星》

The story of a planet destroyed. In ancient time and space, there was a planet shaped like a crystal. The whole planet was made up of water, and like a drop of dew on a lotus leaf, it hung in a remote corner of the universe, 70 million light years away from Earth. The planet's name was "Amaquarius".

4. The Road to Awakening and Bravery《覺醒之路,勇敢的走》

Master Lin says, "I was once married and went through a very painful period of time! I experienced love and hate, sweetness and bitterness, but eventually found a true soul mate. At one point, I was heavily in debt and had no courage to live; but with a change of attitude, I decided to confront things. I cleared up my debts in two years, during which time I experienced the deaths of my loved ones. Those two years of grief were the strength in my 'transformation', and those experiences are my most precious "gifts.' "

5. Genetic Mind Transformation《心靈基因改造》

"Consciousness-Only Deep communication" technique was developed with concepts of the Consciousness-Only School in Buddhism. Through this technique, a person can return to their past life, pre-view the future, communicate with deceased souls and diseases, resolve grievances and settle scores, discover past abilities, and rebuild their own life program.

6. Never Die《從來沒死過─從唯識看生死》

Do you know that we have never died? The "reincarnation" among all beings exists in every moment! One person's thoughts form behaviors, and are turned into the Universe. Only after a person truly understands "death", can they begin to know how to "live"! It is time to awaken and understand that we "never die", after reading this book.

7. I am an Alien《我是外星人》

When a person gazes up into the sky and sees all the stars, do they ever wonder where they come from? People are involuntarily searching for something, but what is it? They are looking for their "home"! Have they ever thought that it is likely their home may be in the endless universe?

8. Genetic Mind Transformation in Business《企業心靈基因改造》

What people look for when they setting up a business is a sustainable business concept. In order to achieve this, they start planning internal organizations structure and personnel management, including a business philosophy, market segmentation, consumer-level classification, product quality control, etc. But even such tight planning cannot escape the effects of the current "financial tsunami", so we see many established companies collapsing, but we do not understand exactly what is causing all this. This book will give answers about how to operate and manage from the heart, transforming the very nature of companies!

9. Guardian Spirit Communication Card《守護靈溝通卡》

"Guardian Spirit Communication Card" can effectively guide a person in communication with their own guardian spirit. They can ask their Life Consultant and Guardian Spirit for future direction and accurate information about various challenges in their life, helping them make the right decisions so they are no longer lost or frustrated. There is no need to search elsewhere, because the most precious of all answers is always found in the supernatural intelligence of each person's Guardian Spirit.

10. Mind Magic Game《心靈魔法遊戲》

This game is able to move through the mind, release the burdens, and purify the human mind. The game helps a person listen to the inner voices of their children, strengthens bonds among family members.

11. Jing-Guan DVD Series《淨觀心靈DVD系列》

- Detecting Illness Factors 發現疾病的因子

- Overcoming Obstacles in Career and Finance穿越事業財富的障礙

- Revealing the Mystery of Marriage 解開姻緣路之謎

- Parents-children mind Dialogue 親子心靈對話

- Dialogue between Life and Death 生與死的對話

- The Mystery of Life Cycle 生命輪迴的奧秘

- Awakening from Disasters 2012之末日抉擇



Chen, Yi-Ling陳怡伶
- Lightened Senior Deep-Communication Guide /Jing-Guan Spirit &Mind Science Research Institution
- Assistant Instructor /Jing-Guan Spirit & Mind Science Research Institution

Liu, Chih-Hua劉芝樺
- Administrative Staff /Jing-Guan Spirit &Mind Science Research Institution




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