Ross Gadenne, from Sydney, Australia, joined Lotus Homestay-Only program in Nov 2003

I write to express my appreciation for the very efficient and professional service provided by your Beijing Office in arranging my Homestay program.

The Homestay family of Pan Dong and Karen was most enjoyable and we shared a few laughs. Importantly both Pan Dong and Karen were always available in the evening to answer some of the more difficult questions about the 'Han Yu' language.

I had previously studied at the BLCU, and was at that time accommodated at the Xi Jiao Hotel. The Homestay program is by far, more rewarding than the Hotel, but with the conveniences that are normally provided in hotel environments. The company of a family was most important to me in 'stepping up' the level of my language studies. Pan Dong and Karen's home was located in a modern apartment building, just 30 minutes by bicycle to the BLCU

where I met regularly with my tutor for study. Sometimes I took the bus,but after buying a bicycle, the bicycle proved to be the best way to go. If I could flag up the most important aspects of Homestay for me, I would say it is the company of friends, and the presence of Chinese conversation that allows me to 'tune' my attention to frequently used words and phrases.

I was so impressed by the Homestay program that I am already arranging another Homestay visit with your organization to reinforce my current learning, and to enjoy some more China experiences.